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We’re a team of dedicated individuals who believe in going the extra mile with our extended wildlife removal services. We take pride in what we do and we love what we do!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is considered nuisance wildlife?

Nuisance wildlife refers to an animal or animals exhibiting behavior that:

  • Causes (or is about to cause) property damage.
  • Presents a threat to public safety.
  • Causes an annoyance within, under, or upon a building.

Are there health risks from nuisance wildlife?

Almost all animals found in the wild carry potential health risks. These can be through contact, bite, urine or droppings. The health risks often from rabid animals include rabies, roundworm, histoplasmosis, Rat Bite Fever, Salmonellosis (food poisoning), Murine Typhus, Rickettsial Disease, Leptospirosis (Weils Disease), Melioidosid, Trichinosis and many others. 


What type of damage can wildlife cause to buildings?

No question, wildlife can cause expensive damage to your home or business. Homeowners need to be concerned about chewed wires, damaged AC ducts, insulation that’s contaminated with urine and feces, most concerning are the diseases carried by animals. 


What trapping method do you use?

The trapping procedure depends on the type of structure, establishment, circumstances, and situation that the wildlife expert sees upon their inspection.


Do you use poisons?

No, we take pride in our humane approach to nuisance animal removal. We are not a pest control company, we do not use poisons of any kind to kill animals. 


Do you remove dead animals?

Yes, we offer dead animal removal services. Animals can become trapped behind walls or in an attic and die. Over time, this can create a foul smell that spreads all over your home or business. It is also possible for bacteria and mold to start forming. 

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