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Humane Wildlife Removal

We provide safe and humane wildlife removal services for all critters in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.
Our customers are very important to us and so is our reputation.

nuisance animal removal

Nuisance Wildlife Removal

We believe in safe and humane wildlife removal services for all critters that we capture and remove from Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Our company believes in going the extra mile with our extended wildlife removal services. We’re a team of dedicated individuals who take pride in and love what we do.

odor elimination

Odor Elimination & Sanitation

After a wildlife animal has been removed, there can still be a lingering smell that remains. This can and will attract other animals if pheromones are left behind.

Our technicians can also provide odor and sanitation control once we have captured and removed any nuisance wildlife to ensure your family’s safety.

wildlife damage repair

Wildlife Exclusion & Damage Repair

Once we have inspected your property and removed the target animal, our specialists can clean up to prevent the potentially hazardous materials left behind by the animals from affecting your family’s health.

We will also come up with a cost-effective plan on avoiding nuisance animal problems in the future.

dead animal removal

Dead Animal Location & Removal

Our wildlife control experts are also trained to locate and clean up dead animals from your property.

Sometimes these pesky critters will find their way into your home but cannot get out. All of a sudden you find yourself in a gross situation when you have to deal with the dead animal smell or disgusting maggots!

Our Wildlife Removal Services

Our wildlife removal technicians are trained and experienced in handling animals such as raccoons, possums, squirrels, iguanas, muscovy ducks, geese, rats & rodents, snakes, africanized honey bees, honey bees, wasps and
other nuisance wildlife animals.

trapped racoon

Raccoon Removal

The number one and most common place for raccoons to find safety is under your home or in your attic. Raccoons inside your attic can become extremely dangerous, especially when they are nesting.

opossum on fence

Opossum Removal

Opossums are very quiet but very skilled climbers. The most common area to spot an opossum is on your fenceline or mango tree. Once they find a safe place, they will find their way into your attic.

beehive removal

Bee Removal

Bee removal can be tricky and dangerous depending on where the beehive is located. Prices for bee removal services may vary due to the factors involved to remove honey bees from your home or business.

rat removal

Rat Removal

It’s very common to have a rat problem in Florida because of the abundant water sources and plenty of places to hide. You’re probably thinking, “How can this happen to me?” “I clean my kitchen every day!” There is a misconception about rat infestations that make most customers embarrassed to get help.

iguana removal

Iguana Removal

Overall, Iguanas can be very destructive and unsanitary for humans. Nuisance Iguanas can cost homeowners and condo associations millions of dollars a year in damage and repair.

other animal removal

Other Animals

For any other animals not listed here please contact us for custom services or referrals to government institutions or specialists.

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We will provide safe and humane nuisance wildlife removal services to all our customers. Our staff of experienced and skilled technicians can help provide the most affordable and reliable solutions when it comes to your wildlife removal needs.

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Very affordable and professional. I highly recommend them! Yamil came out quickly and provided great customer service.

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