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Bee Removal Services

Bees can provide limitless benefactors to our ecosystem and plant life in South Florida. However, sometimes we can encounter problems where bees decide to build a colony in your home or business. At that point, they are deemed dangerous and a nuisance to Urban neighborhoods. The most common type of bees we deal with in South Florida are Honey Bees and Africanized Honey Bees aka “killer bees.”

Bee removal can be tricky and dangerous depending on where the bee hive or nest is located. Prices for bee removal services may vary due to the various factors involved to remove honey bees from your home or business. Below you can see a list of reasons that can change the price of beehive removal and control.

  • What type of bees: Africanized Honey Bees or European Honey Bees
  • Size of bee colony
  • Location of bee hive
  • Height of home or business


Bee Nest or Hive: Africanized bees usually have some weird places to nest vs your typical European honey bees. Some of these places include old car tires, under-meter boxes, holes in the ground, mostly at the base of trees, junkyards, under mobile homes, and in your attic. European honey bees pick more regular areas such as trees, tree stumps, or wall cavities of your home or business. Colonies for Africanized bees are much smaller so it makes sense why they are found in such odd places. If you come by a bee nest or hive make sure to keep your distance. Africanized Killer bees can sting multiple times vs your honey bee. Always call a bee removal expert if there is a beehive causing imminent danger to you and your family members. Keep children indoors when beehives are startled.

beehive removal services

List of places for Bee Hives to be located:

  • Wall cavities
  • Attic
  • Under Soffits
  • Meter Can
  • Under Home or Mobile Home
  • Crawlspaces
  • Underground
  • Trees and Bushes
  • Old tires
  • Junk cars or junkyard

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